This preschool is the best of the best! Administration tends to each and every detail of your child’s education. Teachers are passionate and willing to do whatever it takes to help your little one learn with a smile on their face and a friendly, calm disposition. They keep you updated on the day to day activities as well as month to month & quarterly happenings. All of this is done with God at the center, pledging to the American flag and the Bible. I highly recommend The Learning Ladder to anyone and everyone who wants to see their child launched into success!

Katelynuiom Moore

I could not be happier with the decision of enrolling my child in The Learning Ladder. I am confident in knowing that when I drop my sweet baby off at school she is being treated with love and compassion! The staff all work as a unit here when there is a child having a rough morning I have personally seen staff members come into the class to give individual positive attention! Most commonly they give a hug and get to go help with a “special important task” like checking on other classes or helping make sure everyone has what they need. The staff takes their time to make sure everyone is included and having a good time. My child has a smile on her face every day I pick her up and every staff member knows her name. I am expecting in June and my newborn will go nowhere but here where I know she will be treated like the precious gift she is! Thank you Learning Ladder staff for truly loving what you do.

Jerrine Deel